Hotspots in Porto, Portugal

Welcome to Porto and welcome to my favorite hotspots in Porto! My first time and well, how surprised I am by all the colourful buildings and steep hills. When you are ready for lots of walking and food. Hop on!

First of all, if you like to eat fish or/and drink Port, you should for sure visit Porto once. Every restaurant provides lots of different fish, most of them are the famous codfish and the different Port. Oh and, Porto was a good city for us because the prices for food there are very low.

Second of all, Porto is a city on a hill. However, all the tourist attractions are easy to reach by feet. Although, I should advise you to wear your most comfortable shoes otherwise it is going to kill your feet. 🙂 Trust me!

Third of all, to give you some further information about Porto I should start with the bridge. In total there are seven bridges. However, the one in the picture is the biggest and most famous one. You have an amazing view from the bridge over the centre of Porto and when it gets dark the lights on the bridge go on and gives a beautiful view from one of the restaurants and streets beneath. Besides the bridge, which I love, there were more things which got me in Porto. Cause I am a huge fan of architecture, I totally fell in love with the houses of Porto. They all have those cute tiles in all kind of different colour, most them are blue, my favourite colour!

My four favorite hotspots in Porto;

  1. The bookstore Lello & Irmâo is also one thing which I really liked. There is an old stair in the middle of the store which takes you to the first floor, obviously, where there are more books. Unfortunately, we were not the only one who loved to go there…
  2. The Mercado do Bolhâo is an open market on the Rue Formosa. If you only take 5 euro’s with you, you are able to buy lots of amazing things. They have everything, from fruits to souvenirs, to fish, to flowers, and the people are very kind and generous. Elise and I, both bought a big slice of watermelon. We enjoyed it as if we were two little children.
  3. There are also a few churches in the centre of Porto. Especially, Sâo Francisco is very nice and beautiful. The churches were not very busy and they are all free to visit.
  4. To go back to the famous Port of Porto. On the other side of the Douro are all the different Port houses, for example; Taylor, Sandeman, and Calem. You can buy a ticket inside of each different house and get a tour around and receive knowledge about how Port is made. All Port houses have around the same price for the tours, so to distinguish each Port house you could focus more on tables of the tours. In the end of the tour we also had the possibility to taste two Port’s, however, after taking a sip of both we decided that Port is not really our thing…

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