Roadtrip through South-Africa part 1: Game Drives

Here we goooooo!! A roadtrip through South-Africa. Flying 10,5 hours to Johannesburg, South-Africa. Ready to start our road trip which will totally last for three weeks. First part; the game drives. Yeah, I am talking about the big five (and many more animals), about nature, and about middle of nowhere places. So are you ready to hear about our amazing, funny experiences and beautiful, breathtaking views?! I hope you are, because you will not regret it. Although, it will take some time to read. I have so much to tell you!

Eight game drives + one bush walk

So, overall, at the start of our roadtrip through South-Afirca we had eight game drives and one bush walk, which were all around two/three hours. You might think; “wohhh that is much”. Honestly, I thought the same and I must say that I am still very grateful that we had good weather/temperature because otherwise I think it would have been a bit less fun. Gladly, this was not the case and did I change my mind about the amount. Due to fact, that you still need some luck to see the animals, and you just will not have that every day, various game drives in various parks are good!

Sadi Sands Game Reserve

Our first game drives and the start of the roadtrip through South-Africa was at Sadi Sands. A very isolated place from the “real world”.

We stayed at the Umkumbe Safari Lodge for two days and this place was so extremely magical (our lodge had an outside rain shower!! Yeahhh I know, cool right?) and made everything magical that I could not wait for everything that was yet to come.

First point to mention; WiFi. We got a WiFi password per person which we could use from seven in the morning until four in the afternoon. It was 50MB for the whole stay per person, so you can imagine that we were happy if the picture to a friend send and very happy if we could upload something on our socials (with “our” I mean the children haha). Of course, we used the 50MB already the first day, but it was fine by me actually. I like to disappear for some time.

Second point; the animals can walk and fly everywhere and with that I also mean your room. So, we always panicked when we thought that someone forgot to close to door. With that, I by the way do not mean close it with a key, because we did not have one. Because you were with only around 20 people in the middle of nowhere, we could easily play Cluedo to find out if someone stole something (except for the animals of course). We even had a brutal monkey that stole our lunch from the buffet. To be exact, two slices of focaccia and two apples. We had lots of fun watching him, though.

A day at Umkumbe Safari Lodge

Dawn game drive of this roadtrip through South-Africa always started at six in the morning. The rangers woke us up at 5:30. They knocked on our door and kept saying “good morning” until we said: “good morning” back (it felt like I was on a school camp haha). During all game drives we stopped in the middle to drink something and stretch our legs (and do some wild peeing, of course everyone laughed their asses off when I needed to go). By the way, the rangers do everything to get you see the animals from close. Lots of trees were down and we actually thought that, that was because of the elephants, but no. The big Land Rover defender car does “mainly” all of that. Really, I have never been so amazed by a car.. You should have seen the trees!

When we came back at nine we had breakfast, although it felt like lunch and we had been already awake for hours. Between the second game drive which starts at four in the afternoon and breakfast, there is lunch at two o’clock and you can relax. There was a gym, a trampoline and a swimming pool. Because of the lack of WiFi, we read books, jumped around 20 times on the trampoline, looked at the gym and instead of working out, took a nap.

Now comes my favorite part, the “sun down game drive” as they called it there. It becomes dark around six and believe it or not within fifteen minutes, it is dark, really really dark. During those drives, we saw the most different kind of animals (where I still don’t know the names of). Sometimes, I even thought to see an animal, but then again it was just a part of a tree or a bush (it was dark, it could have happened to anyone you know. It only every time just happened to me ha ha..).

My favorite, favorite part! Can you guess it already? Something with… darkness, middle of nowhere and stars >> The Milky Way. I know that we were there for the animals, but as a “stargazer” I could not get my eyes off of them. It was insane beautiful, there were so many and we could see Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. I am normally very good in writing down my thoughts and feelings, but this one is difficult. I still cannot find my words and yes, I let some tears falling down my cheeks. Some people will understand why, others not, and that is also fine, too.


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