Christmas in Lapland – the most magical celebration

Finally, we could go celebrating Christmas in Lapland. We had been arranging all the tours for the last couple of months, so now, we were ready to go. Celebrating Christmas in Lapland for the first time with “real” snow !!

Where were we?

We had a cottage in Levi, a small, cute, village, 30 minutes by car from Kittilä, and arranged everything (yes, everything) via the travel agency Buro ScanBritt. Because Levi is above the pole circle, it is very very cold and only light between 12 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Most of the days it was -15 degrees. One day it was 0 degrees. I was impressed by how fast it had changed. I asked my dad how this could have happened and he said; “This my darling, this is global warming.”

When we were on the bus from the Airport (Kittilä) to Levi, it felt like we were in another world. It was so amazing. Everything was white and there was actually no one on the roads. I directly felt at peace. After we collected our keys, we walked to the cottage and oh gosh, I was directly in love.

The different tours

The next day we had to wake up a bit early because the first tour was planned and of course, we could not come too late. Gladly, the office of the company with who we arranged all the tours with was on the other side of the road. Oh, and by the way, it is kind of rare to have a car here, almost everyone has a snow scooter. So, instead of a path for bike riders, they have a path for snow scooters. That same day we also used them!

  • Snow Scooter trip to Reindeers
  • Sledge with huskies
  • Walking tour through the woods
  • Snow Scooter trip to the Ice Hotel

How can you take pictures?

The first tour was the snow scooter trip to Reindeers. Although my sister and I could not ride because we do not have our driving license yet, we were having so much fun. While my brother was riding I tried to take pictures and videos because the view was amazing. I only forgot that it is impossible to hold my phone with gloves on and after 10 seconds without the gloves, my fingers were already hurting from the cold. I really tried because I was dedicated to take pictures, but they were too much hurting. Still, I cannot realise how beautiful it was over there. We were in the middle of nowhere and for a second or 5 I hoped that we could get lost and never found back anymore

During the evenings we normally went into the village for dinner or for a drink, because sometimes we also just ate at home. Everything is quite expensive there, once my dad ordered a Coke and later when he had paid and I looked at the bill the Coke was 8 euro… We were having fun and that was the most important thing according to my parents. After that, we always watched a Christmas film. I think I have seen all of them already for maybe 6 times, but to me, it does not matter. I love Christmas films.

On the days we did not have a tour, we just went for walks, relaxed, and enjoyed the beautiful nature around here. Really, everyone should go here once in their life. I can just keep telling you how amazing it is.

Are you ready for the next tour?

Today we sledged with Huskies! I am not a huge fan of dogs, in general, I am not a fan of animals at all. So, in the beginning, I was a bit scared, also because the dogs were shouting the whole time to each other. I was on a sledge together with my brother. One of the two needed to ride the sledge and my brother went first.

What do you wear with -19?

This day, was the coldest day, it was -19 degrees. You are probably wondering now what I was wearing. I was wearing 2 pairs of thick socks and 1 pair of normal socks. I had my own ski pants and jacket. Under my jacket, I was wearing a thick sweater and 2 special t-shirts against the cold. Overall of this, I was wearing the red-black onesie you can see the pictures. Last but not least, the shoes from the company, 2 pairs of gloves, and my own coif. Even though I was wearing all of this, I let some tears on the sledge because everything was so hurting. I couldn’t properly move anymore because my toes and fingers were too frozen and my blood stimulating has stopped. Gladly, I could enjoy it a bit more after because on the half of the tour we had to change rider, now it was my turn. You needed to control the sledge with a kind of break and when we were going up a hill you needed to step to help the dogs a bit. All those movements kept me a bit warm.

After the tour, we went to the farm where we little Huskies were. We were allowed to hold and cuddle with them for a while. I really like it, which means a lot right, when you are not a fan of animals…

Christmas in Lapland

When it was Christmas (for real now), we all dressed up and went to a restaurant for a special dinner. We almost ran to the restaurant because it was kind of cold with a dress outside. The food was delicious and we really enjoyed the time together. After we came home, we opened the presents. This year there was only one rule; the presents couldn’t be too big because otherwise, they would not have fit in the suitcases. It was the perfect night in our little winter wonderland.

Here some more pictures from this trip. Before we went on this trip my parents told me that this was probably gonna be a “once in a lifetime thing”, but after it, I am not sure. If we all try to ruin the global less, I can maybe one day show my kids how beautiful it is over there. Oh yes, and they are also able to see the elves (I am serious, there were elves in the village giving sweets to children). This Christmas in Lapland was a dream come true. This place is so magical. Almost impossible to decribe the feeling.


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