Ski away in Hinterglemm, Austria, with snaps

Here we go! Searching for Easter eggs in Hinterglemm between the snow instead of in our garden ha ha. Going to Hinterglemm for skiing/snowboarding is true, although searching for eggs was, on the other hand, a joke.

Back to Austria

Although we have been going to the Dolomites, Italy for already over years and always slept in the amazing Hotel Bel vert, we decided to go to Hinterglemm this year because the fathers mostly missed the après-ski. Yes, you read that well! The fathers.

Hinterglemm is a small village close to Saalbach and a ten-hour drive from Rotterdam if you are lucky (traffic jam). The number of people we are going with changes every year, due to different holidays, yes or no boyfriends and sports at home. We were actually going with two families this year. Family Schrage, minus my brother because he had a golf tournament and Family Voogd1. In total, therefore, we would be with eight. However, two days before leaving we received a message from Family Voogd2 that they would also come with us (like they normally do). They could still book a hotel and everything was fine. So, in the end, we were complete (total of 12) like always, only without my brother.

A special hotel in Hinterglemm

We and Family Voogd1 slept in Edelweiss Hotel which was honestly very luxury. There was even a swimming pool on the rooftop. Because there was also a sauna and the possibility to get a massage, everyone had a bathrobe and flipflops. Of course, they were both too big for my little sister and me, but we loved walking around in them. Feeling like little princesses. A few people from the group were not able to ski due to injuries, therefore they could spend time in the hotel and still enjoy and relax. The hotel was also very located in the city centre and had a garage to park the cars. The closest ski lift was 15 meters by feet and from there on we were able to ski to lots of different places.

Snow in Hinterglemm

It would not be sure if we would have snow during Easter because of the possibility that it is already warm during this time of the year. However, gladly there was nothing wrong with the snow. The days before we arrived in Hinterglemm, it had still snowed, therefore we had fresh snow. Only the first day was full of sun. I even had a sunburn after creaming myself for four times. Due to the warmth of that day, we stopped skiing around two in the afternoon and went to the restaurant Der Schwarzachter to lay in the sun. The other two days we had a lot of snow and fog. The advantage of this is that the slope is empty and quiet because almost no one was as crazy as us to still go skiing. On some slopes, we had even to go behind each other because we were not able to see anything. Therefore the title; “Just trying not to break something”.

Finally après-ski

And now you probably still want to know how the après-ski was right? I am sorry, but for that, I probably have to disappoint you a little bit. Because Dutch week was the week before we were in Hinterglemm and the season was coming to an end, the real après-ski parties were not there anymore. Although there was a small bar, we still do not know the name, which was open every day until nine in the evening and even very fun. We went there daily to dance, sing, drink and laugh. Something we are all very good at (me not being good at drinking).

One evening, after dinner, we went first to the Goassstall (après-ski bar) and after to the Tanzhimmel (nightclub). The Tanzhimmel is open until two o’clock and plays commercial music together with local Dutch and German music. It depends on the audience for the night. In the end, even though, it was less than we all expected, we still had so much fun!

Because of the injured people and my brother who just was not able to come, we promised each other that we will go back to Hinterglemm next year but then really with everyone and not at the end of the season to make sure we will even have better parties than we had already now!


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