Outdoor activities and nature in Baden-Wurttemberg

For the ones, who read my blogs or follow me on Instagram, probably know that I have been to Germany again, only now for another press trip. If you have not read the other blog about Baden-Wurttemberg yet, you can read it here. The trip this time was more focused on outdoor activities and therefore all the destinations were around the Black Forest. This time the group was also smaller. We were in total with six, four media, the driver, and me. A good amount in order to get to know each other.


Fifty shades of green

We landed at Stuttgart Airport and our private driver drove for around one hour before we arrived at the hotel, Hotel Hofgut Hohenkarpfen. From the moment we drove away from Stuttgart, I have seen more different colours of green than I have ever seen before. Even the other days, it was really impressive. With this, I also mean that we were all days spending our time in nature and did outdoor activities, but I will tell about that later. By the way, the hotel which I just mentioned above is literally amazing. It is on a hill, therefore, gives you a breathtaking view. When we had dinner, they made a show of all the dishes and it also even tasted very well! Yes, it is a place for the higher class of society, so if you do not want to spend fifteen euro’s on a carpaccio as a starter, then do not go there. For us, everything was paid, so no worries.


The second hotel we slept in, is called the Donau Blick. There is a train station behind the hotel and the noise can be quite irritating. The staff is so extremely friendly, the rooms are very nice and during breakfast, there are so many choices that I had no idea what to eat.

The outdoor activities

As the same as the last press trip, we did not really know each other yet. During the activities, we had lots of time to catch up and get to know each other. However, there was also enough time for myself.  Because this trip was more active and outdoor (as I have told you), we did three main activities in total, where the focus was on. We went for a walk of 7km through the Black Forest, did a 20km mountain bike trip, and canoed for 7km on the Danube (Donau). We had so much luck with the weather, because all four days, were sunny with a perfect and acceptable degree for active activities.  Lots of people from the group even brought their professional walking shoes with them. However, because I do not have them yet (need to buy them for South-Africa and Chile) I walked with my running shoes, which was actually also fine.


Schloss Sigmaringen

Sorry for the woman who really did her best to tell me all about the history of the castle, the traditions, and the family members… but when I started to write, I actually do not know more than that the prince still lives in a part of the castle with his family and that the other part is for public. Oh yeah, and that the castle is like really really old. When we went on the balcony we were not allowed to lean against the stones to have a look how high we were, because they do not know whether it is still safe. So yes, it is that old.

It is just that the castle is so extremely beautiful (and insane big) that I have to share this with you.

And yes, I did a little dance in this ball room. I could hold myself. It’s sort of a dream you know…

Time to think, think, and think after the outdoor activities


During some activities and some parts of others, there were not spoken a lot. It almost felt like nature told us the shut up and enjoy the silence. The ones who know me very well, also know that I like to learn. Learn about life, about people, but especially about myself. I like to read books like: You do you from Sarah Knight. Being around with nature all day, every day sets you in a kind of zen mode. Even though I was there for work and needed to arrange different things, I also really had time to think.

What am I thinking of then? Mainly about whether I am making the right decisions in life. If I am spending time with the people who give me energy and whether I am still able to catch up with everything I am doing.

I had a good conversation with a woman from the group until late midnight and she told me a quote which I personally like very much: We don`t do stress. We do umbrellas, whatever the weather. Now, you can brainstorm yourself what she means with this.


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