Bergen before “The Lofoten”

Not Cuba, nor Iceland, nor Canada, but Norway! The island group “The Lofoten” to be exact. Before COVID, we wanted to make a memorable trip together and finally, after two years we are going!!

Ready for take off

And again, like almost all the flights I have got, we took the morning flight (yesterday). But well, again, morning moods aren’t allowed 😉. Gladly, we had enough time at Schiphol AirPort. Only the security took us an hour but the rest all good. Oh, and that feeling when you see your suitcase arrive, love it!

Wandering around in Bergen

After we checked in at Citybox – Bergen (great/easy hotel), we walked to the city centre (30 minutes) and had a lovely lunch at Godt Brød. They have various bakeries in town but this location was the cutest one!

The vibe of the city was just so relaxed. I guess they say that already about Norwegian people, right? Here some pictures below to give you an idea.

The guy from the hotel recommended the restaurant Villani for dinner and gosh, how great was that! Must say, don’t look at the prices though. Of course, in general, Norway is an expensive country and we knew that before. Still, I can tell with a thirty euro pizza, you are a lot more aware of enjoying it 😅.

This morning, we had breakfast at another Godt Brød. We enjoyed our cappuccino’s and scones in the sun before we started our long walk up the hill to the Fløyen (also recommended by the hotel guy). There were several options. You can either walk everything, take a specific old little train called the Fløibanen or combine the two. These young fit ladies walked up and down, of course 😉.

So, we path was roughly as you can see on the picture. Not muddy and extremely steep, therefore, all good! We had some good conversations, enjoyed the silence as well and couldn’t take our eyes off of the beautiful scenery.

We had several stops in between, took more pictures and even made a new friend!

After 1,5 hour we arrived! What a view and super blessed with the weather. The sun was shining, temperature was good. What else could we want more?

And now, it is time to take our 1:55 hour flight to Bodø. Feeling the over 20.000 steps in the legs, so I guess we will sleep a bit, relax and recharge for the next days.

We are staying the night in Bodø and will take the 3 hour boat to The Lofoten tomorrow afternoon. Bye world, bye phone, hellooo nature!!


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