The Lofoten, almost there! But first… Bodø

Thinking you just “get” to The Lofoten is quite a misunderstanding thought. We are now on a 3:15 hour ferry with our rental car for the last bit. After two days of travelling, we are almost there!

How to get to The Lofoten

Of course, there are several options here. You could go by car if you have got the time. However, we decided to take the plane. Still then, there isn’t a direct one. You have got to take a domestic flight either from Oslo or Bergen. As you could have seen, we chose to have the layover in Bergen and spend 2 days there. From Bergen we flew in 1:55 hours to Bodø. This flight was longer than the flight from Amsterdam to Bergen, which felt quite weird, but after seeing the plane we understood why… As it was quite exciting and a little nerve-racking to fly with a propellor plane, time flew by and everything went well.

A way of life, I know would really suit me well…

After we arrived in Bodø at 10 in the evening, we picked up our rental car for the week and drove to our hotel (Radisson Blue). We do feel like moms with this huge car and keep saying we are just testing it for future purposes 😆. By the way, since we are above the Arctic Circle now, it is much colder than Bergen. Around 10/12 degrees. The jackets are out of the suitcase!

Visit the Saltstraumbrua

We asked the guy at the car rental what to do in Bodø. He told us to go to Saltstraumbrua: a 30 minute drive from Bodø to the world largest tidal current. It was impressive and feels so random and unreal in some ways.

After walking around for like 45 minutes, we drove back and stopped several times to take it all in. It did hit us though. The calmness, the peacefulness, the different kind of life people are living here. No consumption society, everyone spending their time outside; being active. A way of life, I know would really suit me well…

After we came back to the city, we had lunch and did some shopping (still used to the consuming yeah 🤦🏽‍♀️). Until now, the people we have been talking to were all so kind and helpful + although Bodø is a city, it really feels like a cute, small town.

But now, it is really time to go. I think to get to The Lofoten, the fastest way is to take the ferry. We are taking the ferry from Bodø – Moskenes and bought the tickets online. If you don’t do that, there is a chance the ferry is full (something we didn’t want to risk). The car + 2 passengers cost around 100 euro. We were very much on time, but they do advise you to be there 45 minutes before departure. While we waited in the “reserved lane”, we played one of our favourite games: Keer op Keer in Dutch. Still trying to beat Megan though…

We cannot wait to wake up in The Lofoten tomorrow! Keep you posted. ❤️


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