The Lofoten, part 1

And finally, we arrived. Must say, after waiting for several years my expectations were quite high. Although I have been to a variety of places/countries across the world which were surreal, until now, The Lofoten ticked all my boxes, as well.

The arrival, accommodation one

Since we arrived around 20:00 with the ferry we didn’t want to drive too far to the accommodation (15 minutes). It was located in the village called Å (yeah just one letter 😆). We were overwhelmed and overjoyed by the place. A feeling of disbelieve.

We hadn’t had dinner yet so gladly we found a supermarket, called the Joker nearby. We crossed the narrow streets and bought some eggs, salmon and bread. An easy dinner for the first night + first fish of the week ✔️.

It is that intense feeling; feeling you can handle it all.

Driving from Å to accommodation two

Accommodation two was in Henningsvær, which is 2:17 hours from Å, mainly driving the E10 (the only main road, by the way, in the whole Lofoten). However, we decided not to go to Henningsvær immediately but to take the whole day and drive along the north coast.

The views were insane and it felt a little like we were on another planet. The day started with quite some fog and rain drops, but we could end it with a blue sky and a nice walk. Oh and we already saw four rainbows that day and decided to call it the rainbow vacay 🌈.

Ramberg Beach

Haukland Beach

There aren’t many cafe’s or restaurants around in The Lofoten but at Haukland Beach we could buy some croissants and hot chocolate for lunch (this is me, indirectly telling you if you plan to go, to always take energy bars/fruit/snacks with you). You could see that the spot was well known and quite popular since there were many (for The Lofoten standard) campers/vans parked.

While having lunch, we saw several people walking a particular path and decided to do the same. We walked until the trial stopped and it ended into a one hour walk. It was, again, breathtaking…

Two days in Henningsvær

The first evening we planned to cook Indian Curry at our stay in the Rorbuer Henningsvaer but when we arrived at the supermarket it was closed… We forgot that it was weekend and that it closes at 18:00. The next one was 23 minutes away and it was already seven.

We decided to look for a restaurant in town and ended up 90 metres further away in Trevarefabrikken. Such a lovely restaurant. They only had pizza’s on the menu (not a problem for us) and the people were so kind. There was a music quiz which was joined by several groups of young adults from town. We tried to engage and participate, but we were so bad that we decided to stick with Keer op Keer. Megan won again… 3-2 for her…

The Hawaii of The Lofoten

Since Trevarefabrikken also had a café, we decided to have breakfast there the next morning + apparently Henningsvær is known for one of best cinnamon buns and if you know me well enough you don’t even have to ask whether I would want one. Besides, although the food is super fresh and delicious around in The Lofoten, there aren’t many chooses. For breakfast & lunch, it is mainly sweets/pastry, some have one or two sandwiches but most of the time that’s it. It does make it easier to decide though. 😉

After we enjoyed our sweet morning breakfast and cappuccino’s, we drove to Svolvær to take the ferry (30 minutes) to The Hawaii of The Lofoten, also called Skrova.

The hike of Skrovafjellet

We aren’t experienced hikers and I would never trust my gut with those sorts of things since I always forget to pay attention to the signs on the trees, therefore, I searched online before and read blogs from other people about how to come to the summit. They all said: easy trial, for all ages, etc etc. Well, let’s say: not in our opinion 😆. The first 30 minutes we were already walking the wrong way, but gladly we could ask a lady and she knew where the trial started. From then on it was nice & easy since there was a path made by ropes. However, it definitely is NOT for all ages!!

Finally after an hour of climbing, we reached the summit and pff what a feeling. It reminded me of the time I lived in Chile and travelled to Patagonia to hike the Torres Del Paine in nine hours. It is that intense feeling; feeling you can handle it all.

Here some before & after pictures. As happy as happy gets… Oh and it started to rain just right after we set foot on the “normal” path. As if heaven had waited 😆.

Okay, this was it for now. Just be ready for The Lofoten part 2…


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  1. Ohh dus het ligt gewoon aan jou dat verkeerd lopen!🤣🤣😂

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