About me

Hi, I’m Isabelle from a small town near the sea, in the Netherlands. I love to write about my travel experiences and, therefore, I started a travel blog in 2015 travelaroundwithbella which I changed to im-writing in 2021. This is because I published my own poetry book in 2021 under the name of IM Writing.

Because I feel passionate about writing and inspiring people, I decided to combine those two and, therefore, start IM Writing. IM Writing is about me. What I feel and what I experience. But, it is also a combination of my full name, Isabelle Maxime, and everything that I write and that I am. Therefore, IM Writing.

Some facts about me:

  • I am 25 years old
  • I am 1.72 cm long
  • I am the middle child
  • I cannot be away from the sea/ocean for too long
  • I lived in England, Chile and Italy (and yes, Italian food is my favourite)
  • 30% of my friends are foreign
  • My body cannot stop moving when I hear Spanish music
  • I prefer to live an active and healthy lifestyle, although you can wake me up for cinnamon buns in the morning
  • I love to read novels and books about personal development and health issues.
  • I live by the following sentence: I don´t live my life to let my dreams pass me by.

Enough about me. What about you? Who are you?