Working in Santiago, Chile

Why would you go to Santiago, Chile? A question that I often received when I told people about my plans. A more general question was: Why South-America?

For me, it was quite an easy answer. My friends from EF. I hadn´t seen them over two years. I missed them and since I was so inspired by my time abroad in England, I was also just ready for a new adventure.

Another cup of tea

Of course, this was something different from England. Besides, not everyone is allowed to go on an Internship. The university stills needed to accept all your plans and paperwork. Plus, your grades must be in order. Gladly, mine were. I worked hard for it, because I knew this was coming and I couldn´t forgive myself not being able to go just because my grades weren´t good enough.

The internship was for six months, so one semester. Although, my family could have come to visit me, I told them not to. I wanted to try and see if I could really do this on my own. When I lived in England, they came by several times, which I loved, but I couldn´t really see how I would respond if I wouldn´t see them for a while.


Eventually, I saw that a childhood friend was also going to Santiago. We didn´t know from each other that we planned to go. He was going to study there with three other Dutch people, from whom two of them of knew. This couldn´t be a coincidence. We laughed a lot and my parents were relieved that someone they knew would be there as well. In the end, when I look back at my time there, I probably would not have been able to do it. I was very lonely and meeting them and going on several trips with them, made me feel like I belonged. So grateful for that!