My dream life in Italy

Finally, it was time for my dream life in Italy! Since, I was sixteen I had always dreamt about living in Italy for many different reasons; the food, culture, landscapes and not to forget, the handsome men 😉

Before I could go to Italy, I had to meet some requirements which involved good grades again. Still, I wasn´t the only one with good grades. Everyone had to make a top five of universities and per university explain why they wanted to go to this school. Honestly, I cannot really remember all the universities that I put in my top five, but I do know that I had Copenhagen and Sevilla (as second) on my list, as well. What I know for sure that Florence was my number one.

I found it quite hard to make my top five or maybe I should say my top two. Sevilla and Florence were the two cities I really wanted to go to. The university of Sevilla was only a little vage about the different faculties. Some of the faculties were one and a half hour away from Sevilla. That wasn´t something that I knew was going to like. Still, I really had and still have the dream to live in Spain and get better in Spanish. In the end, I chose for Florence as my number one, because that was my dream, too. And to be honest, I just couldn´t wait to be able to eat (anti)pasta every day.

The four months flew by and I wish that I was able to stop the time, from time to time. To relive these moments, I wrote about my favorite towns/cities, restaurants, tours and other hotspots. I write about my dream life in Italy.