Life abroad in England

I was seventeen and sitting with a family friend in a ski lift, when he asked what I wanted to do after highschool. It felt as if I wasn´t mature enough to go to University. I felt scared, as well. So, I told him I wanted to go abroad and study English. I wanted to feel what it would be like to be alone. To learn how to be independent and experience all sorts of new adventures. The way he answered I will never forget.

You have to make it work. You are young and you should always follow your dreams at the moment that feel right to you and it looks like this is your moment.

After a period of convincing my parents, because well I was 17 and someone did need to finance it, I wasn´t able to pay it all though. Gladly, they agreed and gave me the opportunity. They would have loved to experience something similar in their youth, but because the financial resources were very different, there was no possiblity.

Everything was set! I only needed to graduate from highschool, which was kind of nerve wrecking since I graduated with the exact average that you needed. Another question wrong and I would have failed. Well, I quess it just had to be this way. But I was going to Eastbourne, England with Education First for nine months, and I couldn´t be more overjoyed. Why I choose Eastbourne, England instead of another country/city? First, I wanted to learn British English and not American English. Therefore, I choose England. Second, I choose Eastbourne because it reminded me of home. Compared to Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton, which are also much more expensive, the school of Eastbourne is quite small and therefore, someone had already told me that the connection is intenser and everyone knows everyone. That was more of the environment, I am used to. Eastbourne, England, it was!

Blogs about life as an EF student in Eastbourne, England:

If you ever have questions about Education First (EF), you can always contact me! I love to tell people about this wonderful time. It really did change my life and some friends I have made there are still in my life today.