Visit Cape Town: Road trip South-Africa part3

After being in South-Africa for 2,5 weeks, we had already seen so many different things; nature, people, weather, food. In total, we have slept in eleven accommodations. To visit Cape Town, is going to be number twelve. The city which I had wanted to see for already a long time. A few people I know and follow on Social Media are over their heads because Cape Town. I was so curious what kind of magic was there and if I could see and feel it too.

Day one:

We arrived quite early in the morning and because our apartment which we had at Waterfront Village wasn’t ready until three in the afternoon, we were able to visit Cape Town. We decided to start already with some wondering around and went to Chapman Peak (forgot to take pictures sorrieeee), together with Boulders Beach (penguin alert!!), Cape Point, and the Cape of Good Hope. The weather was good which definitely was in our advantage, because the views were “again” a-ma-zing! I don’t know what it is with this country, this holiday, but it feels like as if it is just not going to stop.

Day two:

We knew that Thursday wasn’t going to be a sunny day. The weather forecast said it was even going to rain and eventually it did rain. Therefore, we decided to visit the Bohemian Gardens (Kirstenbosch) and Bo Kaap (the neighborhood with all the colorful houses). As you can see on the picture below I had a great time at Bo Kaap. Kirstenbosch did I like a bit less, but if you are interested in all sorts of trees, plants, and small insects, it will be your place to be!

After that, we went to the Waterfront shopping mall, where I also ate one of the best pizza’s in my life at San Marco.

Day three:

This day was the day! The weather allowed us to finally go up and visit the Table Mountain. We had a lovely breakfast at Vovo Telo and after that we went straight to the Table Mountain. We went up with the cable and although I really wanted to hike it, I was glad I didn’t have to. While watching the trial from the cable, I had/have deep deep respect for the people who climbed the Table Mountain. Gosh, what was that high and steep.

When were back on our feet, we went to Camps Bay. It felt like I was waiting to breath again, because for me, when I am stuck with my thoughts, I can only breath there. From the moment we arrived I felt like I was home again. I don’t know what it is with sand and water, but I always feel so in peace. Obviously, this is by far my favorite place in Cape Town!

Day four:

The last day.. Our flight was at eleven in the evening, therefore, we needed to enjoy ourselves the whole day. Dad became sick Friday night and although mom asked if we could check out later, she couldn’t stretch it later than twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

We first did some history visiting, Castle of Good Hope. Normally, I am not really into that but this was surprisingly interesting! All about the VEIC (VOC in Dutch) and there were paintings which were so beautiful.

Still after that, we went straight for shopping, okay we first had breakfast/lunch haha. Around four we all started to be tired. This was normally the time that we were at the apartment until dinner and we were all relaxing and some taking a nap. Despite that, we found a very cute, romantic cafe to get a last drink and waited until it was time to go to the airport.

Visit Cape Town

Bye Cape Town, bye South-Africa, you are literally amazing! And… I would recommend this country to everyone. So divers in nature, but also big differences between poor and rich, and cities. In those three weeks there wasn’t a day that we ate bad, even not when we were in the middle of nowhere without electricity. Really, so amazing! But most of all, what took my attention was with how little you can make them happy and how friendly and polite they are. Always saying; “Thank you Madam” or “Nice to meet you Sir” (The Dutchies can still learn a lot from that though).

In the end, they all touched my heart and are a part of my memory. A very precious memory!