Konstanz – an unexpected breathtaking place in Germany

Konstanz in Baden-Wurttemberg. I had never heard of both, but well, this place appeared to be an unexpected breaktaking place. Baden-Württemberg is a state on the West-South side of Germany, divided into Baden and Württemberg (obviously haha). By the way, they call themselves, the sunny side of Germany. You can guess, my expectations were high as a “sun lover”.

Konstanz as one of my favourite cities

During those four days, we visited each day another city. However, two of them are by far my favourite; Meersburg and Konstanz. They lay both along the Lake of Constance, called Bodensee in German,  which just gives such a relaxing and breathtaking view. Meersburg is very small and quiet compared to Konstanz. It is also more traditional and perfect if you want to calm down from the rush of life, because yes that is how it really felt to be there. Besides walking around, souvenir shopping, and staring at the Lake,  there was not a lot to do in Meersburg. That did not make the city less nice, it already has so much flair, that it does not need more.

On the other hand, there is Konstanz. Konstanz is a University city. The whole city is made for the students, with lots of commercial shops, bars/nightclubs, restaurants, parks, and cycling roads. The city is so alive, that you are too busy the whole day with doing all kind of different things. Totally the opposite of what Meersburg can give you, but that is also what I like about those places. If you want silence and calmness, you go to Meersburg, but if you want life, you go to Konstanz. The perfect balance!

Besides that, when we arrived in Konstanz on Saturday there was a boat festival already going on since Friday. A woman told us that it is one of the most famous events in Konstanz, where there are boat competitions, games for children and young adults, a fair with attractions, and lots of food/drink trucks. Another detail, they were right with their “sunny side of Germany”, because all those four days were around 30 degrees with a blue sky. Yes, happy me “working” with my face in the sun, travelling around.


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