Visit Girona in one day from Barcelona

Travelling alone is what I decided to do. Because after I booked my flight for Barcelona, I thought why not stay in Spain and travel further alone and do a city trip to Girona? So, I went to Girona by train from Barcelona which lasted a little more than an hour and could visit Girona in one day. A very effective day trip.

Let’s start in Girona

In Girona, I booked a hostel, Bed in Girona to be precise. Besides the fact that this was my first vacation alone, was it also my first time in a hostel. I wanted to experience something less luxury than a hotel or apartment and therefore booked this hostel. It may sound weird, because why would I book something less nice if I also have money for something better. The point is that I think when you live your life like that, you are going to take those certain things for granted, and I want to teach myself not to. To appreciate it.

Now talking about it, when I arrived the first funny experience already occurred. The manager came to me to tell me that there was no hot water anymore on our floor. Therefore, we (37 guests) all needed to shower on the first floor where there were two showers. We could only shower every second day and not longer than 2 minutes to also save water for the others.

Furthermore, everyone in the hostel was pretty on themselves, which was fine by me. There was only one woman, 37 years old from California, who also wanted to watch the sunset and therefore we decided to go together. After that, we even went out for dinner together. It was nice to talk to someone, but honestly, it also felt a bit weird. I was so in my own zone/circle that I did not mind when being alone again. 

Visit Girona in one day

Something I really did not expect, is that Girona is actually quite small and therefore you can see the city already in one day. Staying there three whole days, was indeed, a bit too much. But because I did not sleep a lot, due to a snoring neighbour (yeah, that is something you have to deal with when sleeping in a hostel) and I was still very tired from the long nights in Barcelona, I went back to bed during the afternoons.

The streets are very narrow and because the city centre is on a hill, it is up and down, up and down. In addition, because I like to walk, I went hiking up the wall of Girona. It was built many many years ago to protect Girona. Besides the feeling of finally doing something sportive again, it also had an amazing view of the whole city.

Although Girona may be smaller than I expected, the number of restaurants and the quality of the restaurants exceeded my expectations. When travelling alone, I had the freedom to really pick the restaurants I am in the mood for. Beneath, I have listed my favourite ones with a link to either their website or Google Maps.

  1. König – Speciality Hamburgers > Lunch, Dinner
  2. The Unicorner  – Slow street food > Lunch, Dinner
  3. Mos & Art – Bakery > Breakfast, Lunch
  4. Nibble – Slow fast food > Lunch, Dinner (my 100% favourite!!)

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